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 I've been honoured with holding space for hundreds of men & women - both globally on-line (skype). Teaching students, bodywork clients & therapy participants share their stories & experiences here with you......

I came to see Taryn because I was interested in her Astrology workshop. It opened up my eyes, and then I found out about Tantra...and was curious to find out more. (watch Josh here...)
— Josh, 23 (Student)

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I learnt to be more aware of where I was holding tension (in my body), how to sense those areas and become aware of any ‘stuck’ emotions...the teaching was more expansive than I could have imagined’
— Douglas Channing, Chakradance (Tantra Teacher Training)
I cannot recommend Taryn enough! Her Chakra Balancing helped shift many things with my hormones..she took me back to a past life & helped me deal with blood loss (I was also going through menopause); I saw where I had always been fighting my masculine side. She brought everything back into alignment - I even had another period which gave me the opportunity to prepare for life change. I felt so much better about it!’
— Sharon Kelly, PR Consultant (Chakra Spiritual Healing)
I am really glad that when we finally co-ordinated our time, this ended up being the best thing we ever did! Married for 7 years I had been complaining that our sex life had taken a dive. With your guidance and amazing way of explaining things (I’ve been trying to tell him what I want in bed for years!) it was a relief to see that he finally understood. I can see now that being together from a very young age meant that we hadn’t learned much about beautiful husband has really come alive - and loves the homework you gave us!
— Mia & John, Melbourne (Tantra Coaching)
I found Taryn’s work to be the most safe & sacred. Her knowledge & experience - especially in the sexuality & spirituality realms gives a degree of confidence and intimacy that encourages personal growth. I would highly recommend anyone who was interested in the deconstruction of their own prejudice & needing help with past trauma release to seek a session with her.
— Steve Lawlor, CEO Sydney (Warrior session + ongoing Tantra Training)
tba (Jonn is a student - still enjoying his Tantric Bodywork training - and STILL trying to work out how to film himself for our lovely testimonials here :)
— John Visser