Tantra Coaching SESSION






For those of you curious about Tantra to discern the authentic, here are the most common questions I get asked;

  • Do I have to have a partner?

  • What is the difference between having a sexual encounter and practicing Tantra?

  • How is the art of Tantra beneficial to my overall wellbeing and intimate relationship?

  • Do we have to be (or can we be) naked?

  • Can we learn more about conscious touch techniques?

  • Are we allowed to practice?

  • Does it have to be so spiritual?

  • Can my session be more sex education and intimacy focussed?

I’m always available to discuss your questions, and clarify that I do indeed offer the sacred practice of Tantra as a spiritual journey; one that incorporates sensual exploration, deep mindful breath immersion & visualisation.

With your permission, my session opens up with a discussion about what you would like to bring into your experience.

Introducing your body to more conscious communication and energy plus touch techniques will be incorporated upon our creation of your learning agenda.  Tantra is about acknowledging and accessing the masculine and feminine energies that reside in us all; our goal – to acknowledge, accept and dive in to intimacy as you become aware of your partner’s touch, presence & heightened ecstasy (sexual energy activation).

My aim as your teacher is to encourage you to go deeper; to trust yourself in expanding the transpersonal external world and to embrace your inner most feelings.

I will guide you, showing you how to respond to the (sexual) energy that builds up – teaching you how to master this. By balancing one’s masculine & feminine energy you can enjoy healthy, more empowering sexual relationships.

It’s also imperative to build TRUST and know what it means to you; what does intimacy mean and how to integrate an authentic sense of self love that supports you – and your partner.

  • Build sexual stamina

  • Increase energy flow

  • Learn breath techniques that sustain an awakening of the senses

  • Expand your awareness at a deeper intuitive level

  • Movement

  • Connection

  • Polarity

  • Pleasure

  • Vitality

  • Creativity (get out of your head and into your body!)

  • Communication

  • Touch & Sensory awakening

  • Fun!

Note;  given that most of my sessions to date have seen an increase in requests for tantric massage technique, we can incorporate this upon negotiation and additional sessions.

“Know that I will honour where you are in your sexual and intimate journey, therefore tailor each session accordingly – guiding you to further explore your own spiritual & emotional capabilities. A session with me is unique and powerful. It is my honour to encourage you along this path toward experiencing deeper more passionate relationships and I respect your sexual and emotional capabilities.  

And yes, I am here to support you in my capacity as facilitator and companion for those who are single”

Tantra / Intimacy Coaching

Individuals (work with me) & Couples

2 hours                          $300*

3 x 2hr package              $800*

*Sessions are experiential.

Please call to discuss your requirements and session rates as this may vary according to experience & choice of practice (as in clothed).

** Learning Tantra basics takes time; and although you are given ‘homework’, most people will take up to 3 sessions to embody fundamental and practical competency


  • Intention – what is it you want from your session?

  • Communicate – what’s been going on in your life? What’s working & what isn’t?

  • Make a safe space for yourself here and afterward.

  • Be more present and able to express your fears, fantasies, desires etc.Be aware of 3 important keys to tantric practice; sound/breath/movement = energetic body releases of toxic energy

  • Allow your body to speak through you = notice what doesn’t ‘sit’ well and where

  • Aim for deeper meaning = spiritual rising + orgasmic, ecstatic passion