WHAT IS Astrology ?

(Happy to adapt your chart into a Tantric session upon request)

I’ve come to really understand how Astrology is NOT simply about what sun sign we are born under.

It’s far more complex and intriguing than that.

But first let me begin by telling you this. My interest in astrology goes way back. Ever since I can remember first hearing Athena Starwoman on TV, I began reading her books as a teen. As an adult I studied with astrology teachers just to get the basics on what its all about – and why so  many healers, mystics & shamans still call upon the stars to understand our purpose here on planet Earth.

In recent years as a much wiser and experienced woman, I can now see and appreciate just how effective it is for us to be aware of this most powerful tool handed to us at our birth.

It’s our map!

Added to this, we can see minor planetary aspects dancing among the major planets – we can learn how they are placed to create havoc or compose a pathway forward on our journey in life.

Kaballah, the Tree of Life is a map of these forces at  play, and their incredible meanings as part of the journey of life (also more easily seen in the depiction that is Tarot).

Mythology plays a big part, as we can note certain stories that have been handed down since the Greeks & Roman times will depict many great dilemmas still experienced by us today. Are you struggling with getting your finances under control this decade? That’s because we have Pluto in Capricorn – and I can give you a very personal insight into what this means for us al.

Pluto  has been transiting my 1st house since 2008 – remember what happened that year?

The Global Financial Crisis began.

And as Pluto was also aspecting my Capricorn ascendant; I moved from QLD to Sydney and found myself unemployable!

Pluto is the God of the underworld and he rules Scorpio (think Hades in Greek mythology).

Basically, Pluto’s representation is that of the transformer. He is a God and when he wants change, he makes it happen – ready or not! So, wouldn’t you rather be ready and prepared? He’s all about renewal and rebirth, which is why by the time he leaves Capricorn, we will see a global shift in the way any corporation runs (think Banks, Governments, Politics and then just imagine what that means in your own world).

Understanding where you have your natal Pluto – and all the other key planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Mars & Venus (yes of course our Sun, Moon + Neptune + ascendant and notes) will help when we have such massive planetary transitions occurring, because it will help you to understand what’s happening in your life and WHY. It will also give  you the opportunity to plan for particular events, or harness pertinent energies (e.g. if you want to have a baby – do you have strong Leo / 5th house placements…5th house is about parenting & pleasure (e.g. creativity, romance, affairs :).

Anyway, that’s a little snapshot to get you thinking. So, if you’d like to know more about your own personal planetary road  map, please feel free to ask me about it during any arranged session. Have a look at Josh’s experience in the video below….

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W H Y   T a r o t ?

As I expand into the area of mysticism, and work more astrologically with the body in my practice of Tantra, Tarot is also an ongoing practice of establishing an Oracle for my day.

Kabbala has provided more infinite wisdom in regard to the Tree of Life and our pathways here on Earth. This is where Tarot fits in, as it has an infinite oracle-like capacity to harness these wisdoms within the images.

I can see now, after nearly 20 years of dabbling and studying the tarot and astrology, just how profoundly gifted we are in being able to understand why we have certain life experiences, and how we can navigate these in a way that supports us in our purpose of being here in a human body.

So, what are the common reasons people seek out a tarot reader? Here’s a few reasons….

~ Do you have questions about your current sex + love life?

~ Would you like to know if  it is wise for you to take that next career / relationship / offer ?

Whether you’re about to start another relationship or change career, tarot can support you in clearing space for clarity and insight.

I’ve found it very useful to read for clients over the past 6 years, whether as a separate booking or included within a longer session, as the essence of any free will choice is there for the asking – when we know what questions to ask, and how our choice feels.

Please feel free to call me to arrange your personal reading today.

30 minutes $80 / 1 hour $100


mystery school

What’s Mystery School?

It’s a place where I will take you along an educational journey into everything you may have once thought too ‘woo woo’ for you.  But guess what? We are simply reclaiming our natural state; our capacity to plug back into our Pineal and begin unwinding all of the BS that has been part of our programming over the last few thousand years. The World is evolving & as new generations search for their own story of meaning, we are once again being anchored back into a past as we awaken, and honour TRUTHS HIDDEN WITHIN MYTH.

Mythology is at the core of everything we’ve established during our evolution here on Earth. Humanity has often sought to understand that which has seemed too absurd ; so strange – or if we delve even further back – too unusual to be considered ‘normal, or pure.

For example, from my perspective and after many years of research, I’ve discovered that sex was deemed to be the holy blessing of women as Priestesses. They ran the show before ‘man’ became aware of the ‘power’ women embodied; which has once again been reclaimed (only recently …moreso even as I write this). For Men, it was deemed an initiation rite of passage to be in the presence of a Priestess. So then, what happ
ened? Oh yes, someone got greedy and re-wrote the book, establishing fear into men & banishing sexuality into the sin bin as a way of controlling women.

We know how that all worked out, don’t we?

And that’s where we are now in our evolution…we’re dipping back into healthy grass roots approach to our bodies. It’s Pagan, if you like. Those beliefs that honour Shakti (earth/goddess/gaia) for her fertility and Shiva (universe/god/sky) for his seed {rains}. We are once again exploring  those aspects of our lives that have a deeper anchoring in Ancient medicine; THE traditional medicine of our ancestral Sumerians & Egyptians  (way before Christ was even a twinkle in the sky!)

THIS is Shamanism / White Witch / Tantric territory reclaimed. And this is the platform for all other mysteries once named ‘the occult’, (supernatural / the paranormal / magic / witchcraft / necromancy / wizardry / kabbalah / voodoo / hoodoo / tarot ) were built.

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