Yoni Healing (massage) 2017


Melissa Coleman



Wow wow wow

I have received two yoni massages now from Taryn. OMG.

Where do I start? I could fill the page with wow and it wouldn’t be enough. I will just gush randomly…

The first one: I felt safe with Taryn. I felt honoured and respected. I was asked permission at every step of the way. “Is it ok if I move from here to here now?” I could say no at any point. I felt incredibly curious at how non-sexual it felt.

It was an outside to inside experience. And there was a point where I wanted Taryn to just keep on moving in… and just as I recognised that I didn’t want to connect with that point, Taryn said “we are just going to hold it here – that might be enough for today”… How did she know?

We stayed there, she and I and my yoni, witnessing whatever I hadn’t wanted to acknowledge – I still don’t know what it was consciously. Whatever it was, it just wanted some presence. Which it got. I felt a deep sense of relief, humility and awe.

I felt grief that this is not how I was first introduced to my sexual organs. I remember thinking every female (and male) human “ought to be” introduced to their incredible genitalia this way. I felt grief for every human who has ever been exposed to non-sacred touch of this most sacred of spaces… for their first time, for any time.

I felt that I had been initiated into some sacred club… I guess I have been: the club of humans who know what it’s like to meet their sexual organs in a sacred way, and to have them be heard.

The second one: brought up the mentally acknowledged and clearly not physically released stories of how I lost my virginity and my experience with pre-cancer cells in my cervix in my 20s. The stories came out, my genitalia were witnessed and heard again. IMPORTANT STUFF OMG!!!

I am still blown away at how strongly I feel that every woman “should” have at least one of these treatments in her life… and I would recommend to keep it up until the yoni feels alive, vibrant and juicy all over, with every part of her speaking to her owner. Perhaps this is just me! I know I definitely want this.

Thank you so much Taryn, you have gifted me twice now, with something so sacred.

And I know I want to know how to deliver yoni massage aswell, so I can do my bit to keep this gift alive!


Melissa Colman

Northern NSW