The Polarity Key

What is ‘The Polarity Key’?

The aim of tantric bodywork practice is to enrich all parts of your being – not just your genitals. 

Most of my HEALING sessions are tailored implementing intuitive guidance & harnessing the client’s own energies; modality based practices incorporated to ensure maximum support and ethical integration which means making a clear intention to create space and honour your very personal experience – inclusive of traditional tantric + shamanic (primal earth medicine) based offerings, think of it in terms of taking a micro health retreat for body+mind+spirt & soul centred intimate connection.

Intimacy brings joy – and LOVE is the key to living an ecstatic life. But how do we access this if our heart is closed, or we are wounded in ways that don’t seem obvious?


Key to the Tantric ritual experience is to honour the genitals *Yoni (Vagina) & Lingam (Penis)  By incorporating mindful touch in a way that exposes depths of vulnerability, the aim is to reinforce your own capacity for growth, expansion and empowerment. The more we can evoke your deepest awakening & acceptance of sacred sexual energies, the closer you become aligned with ecstatic states of being – hence the kundalini aspect of energy, spirituality, emotional growth & awakening to one’s higher self: consciousness.  

Tantric bodywork can be an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience.  As a woman who has journeyed deeply into her own sexual & sacred healing & sought valuable professional teachings along the way, I feel privileged to be of service within such a profound practice that asks me to unite the Divine Masculine & Feminine within each individual. To witness an awakening of pleasure & joy triggered by the immense healing that unfolds is indeed a powerful gateway for Divine Unity, polarising humanity through conscious relationships – intimate and communal.

Some core reasons people are drawn to this Tantric path of access include;

~Feeling stuck in a rut within a dysfunctional relationship.

~Lack of intimacy & desire.

~Lack of purpose & vision in life.

~Longing for sexual and/or spiritual soul expansion in a relationship.

~A lack of vitality that has created a barrier to intimacy.

~Lonely & craving a soothing connection.

~Feelings of vulnerability blocking capacity to connect.

~Self-esteem has been eroded (emotionally and physically – body image can be a huge barrier to overcome for many, also toxic / narcissistic relationship abuse).

~Unable to experience orgasm during ‘normal’ sex (& have heard about these body orgasms!)

~Your body & soul desires an experience that equates to a more deepening into the heart.

~You are looking to dive deeper into feelings of bliss (blocked, disillusioned or simply ready to explore your sexual peaks).

~Suffering from sexual dysfunction or illness (prostate cancer medication / Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation, breast cancer, menopause.)

~Recovering from sexual trauma (prostate, testicular health recovery – breast mastectomy/ augmentation surgery, c-section, miscarriage, ovarian / cervical removal)

"Having conducted many ‘bodywork’ sessions & offered hundreds of healings, it was my students who helped me to identify my unique style, prompting me to name it ‘The Polarity Key’. The key depends upon one’s own journey, and I can only access it during an agreement with you & your Higher Self. 

Everyone has their own cellular & energetically coded entry point!

Feel free to ask me more when booking your bodywork or chakra balance session."