Need Professional Guidance to

navigate YOUR relationships?


Taryn is a trained Counsellor.


"Discuss the colourful landscape of sex & intimacy here with me, in the space of non-judgement & professional expertisE." tARYN

(Dip. Holistic Counselling & Life Care, Spiritual Intuitive Guide)

Do you have questions around your core relationship that you can’t discuss at home?

Have you contemplated your current relationship or what may be holding you back from entering into one? Are you concerned about commitment, intimacy or sexual prowess?

Let’s discuss an option that best suits you. Don’t let life pass you by; free yourself by talking to me – a professional counselor who embodies an holistic approach (mindfulness, tantric practice and teachings).

Also, if you’re still unsure about the process, know that this can be integrated into bodywork or chakra balancing. It’s your call, your body, your life…I’m here to listen and support you in making it more passionate – and at the very least, healthier and joyful!

Do you feel ready for a more intimate relationship but don’t know why you a) haven’t met anyone? b) can’t communicate your needs clearly? c) feel disillusioned & rejected? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with your own body, or lack an understanding of what sex really means either in a relationship with another, or in your own self exploration?

Counselling / Therapy Sessions 

1 hour $150

*Build healthy, open communication through verbal and non verbal cues

*Intimacy vs Sex – yes, there’s a difference!

*Relationships are about friendships and partnering according to shared values & beliefs

Sex Therapy Sessions

What is a Sex Therapist (Counselling)?

Counselling is much more about your psychological and emotional wellbeing. As a therapist with professional counselling training and sex work experience, I am able to support a person go deeper within to explore the subtle messages of the psyche. Here we may uncover (in a safe and ethical space) the resonance of trauma or any emotional imbalance borne from past personal conflicts. These may include experiences in relationship, fear of intimacy or any other issues, and may be inhibiting quality of life by presenting as depression or a sense of anger, and frustration – all leading to relationship breakdowns or of course erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire.

Sex therapy is a specialized form of counselling for adults that focuses on sexual issues, most often for individuals in relationships (although you do not need to be in a relationship to seek sex therapy – i see many men who are concerned about entering into a relationship, the fear itself disabling an erection).

Sex therapy is usually solution focused. This means that as a therapist I will try to help you develop a clearly defined issue and the goal of therapy will be to work on that issue and resolve it, or find a way to make whatever problems it causes have less of an impact on your life and sex life. Commonly sex therapy will focus on a sexual dysfunction or major sexual communication problems between partners.

**Sex therapy is usually brief, lasting anywhere from a few sessions to more than a dozen sessions.

**Sex therapy is usually directive. I will be active, asking questions and often giving direct suggestions, homework exercises, and information in an effort to support your goals for the therapy.

Why have sex therapy?

Generally a sex therapist should be chosen over a general psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other helping professional, when the issues are very specifically sex related, or when sexuality seems like a central part of the issue. Some examples of issues that bring people to sex therapy are:

– Difficulties with erections or ejaculation

– Problems with differing levels of desire in a couple

– Difficulties resulting from infidelities

– Sexual concerns as a result of illness or surgery

– Sexual trauma / abuse

– Vaginal birth issues / post natal intercourse concerns

– Life change / surgical / illness

This list is not exhaustive, and if you think you are interested in this form of therapy but unsure? Please call me. I am happy to spend at least a short time on the phone with you to determine whether or not I am the appropriate person to be meeting with.

There may be a need to explore the subtle messages of the psyche; the resonance of trauma or any emotional imbalance either due to personal conflicts in relationships, fear of intimacy or any other issues. These may surface here in therapy, and can be in direct resonance with what you are living with on a daily basis (eg. depression, or a sense of anger and frustration)