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Astrology: Venus+Mars in your House of Love

  • Transformational Intimacy & Healing 3/12 Boronia Street Wollstonecraft, NSW, 2065 Australia (map)

Now the energies - and planetary alignments - are really getting HOT!

Our first two Astro sessions were a hit....and you’ve been asking me for more. So here we are - with focus upon Divine Feminine & Masculine energies as they play out in these famous Archetypes:


So this is it, in following up on this awesome day where we explored the key planets - we will be gathering again to explore even more deeply, the intensity of these two Divine Archetypes and how they resonate in your OWN PERSONAL LIFE (bring your chart!)



MARS (GOD OF WAR - well, who said romance is always peaceful?)


Venus (ruler of Taurus/Libra = Empress/Lover Tarot / feminine energy)

Where does She fall in your astro wheel of life?

How do you approach romance?

Are you more the Femme Fatale / Sexual Diva?


Mars (ruler of Aries  = warrior / Emperor Tarot / masculine energy)

Where does HE show up in your chart?

Are you always rushing forward, eager to be in relationship? 

Do you feel the need to always be in control of a partner?

And where does HE show up in your partner’s chart? 

Knowing where the main planets are placed in both charts will fare you well - and then it’s good to know what your chart is all about anyway, because, maybe your mission isn’t to fall in love and stay home - happily ever after.

Maybe your passion is travel and teaching - with a lover in every port!

In this one day event I would like to show you how we can navigate certain 'astrological weather' in order to understand our unique relationship style - and to prepare for any transits so that you may thrive during difficulties - and not just during your monthly moon transit time (for women) but also on the battle field of dating & mating.

Because it’s not always love the old Hollywood style - it could simply be LUST! (and what’s wrong with that?)

(Relationship dramas can be epic or lessons - and each lover we come by in our lifetime can be more easily navigated when we are able to read the stars...!)



Light refreshments