Men's warrior Session



The Hero’s Journey;

the Warrior
a timeless story of battle, replenishment & restoration.

Celebrating 20 years (1 September 1998) since my involvement with the launch of Viagra, I’ve worked with urologists, counsellors, therapists, military...& everyday men who have lived with social sexual stigma & conditioning - often to suffer in silence.  In speaking with these specialists & men I’ve discovered that most often bear one common burden : their relationship with the penis and what it means to be a fulfilled man. 

I’m here to remind you.....





I’ve been healing and nurturing such wounded amazing men for years, but then it was only few who would venture into the Tantric realm – due to our societal ignorance & therefore fear plus self judgement for seeking such an ‘alternative path to sooth the soul’.
But there’s nothing alternative about salvation.
It’s your birthright to find BLISS & live well!

What’s happening today?

There’s a massive shift happening in our world yet again…the Divine Masculine is being recognised in unison with the Divine Feminine.

Over the past few years my practice has seen a steep increase in men seeking unity & balance with the divine feminine.

Most men, sadly, recently lost partners to illness (often cancer and all too often at a young age, leaving beautiful young children and a bereaved man behind to pick up with life …)

‘Survivors guilt’ is insidious and a real hindrance to man’s healing.

Men need to be held.

Men need to know it’s okay to seek solace and gain strength for their human spirit to rise once again.

Nurtured, now fully awakened and knowing they are loved, healed men can become powerful advocates for divine unity and service to our children and planet.

I’m forever grateful for witnessing these courageous men take such steps in manifesting a better way of life:

Post grief.

Projecting optimism given what has been endured.

You are not alone.

Here’s an overview of my tantric shamanic sessions that may just be what you’re searching for.

I’m here to serve and so are you.

“Tantra & Intimacy Embodiment: Individual Immersion Retreats are more complex than coaching – it’s an intensive, healing experience!”

This rejuvenation session combines Tantra with nourishing bodywork massage

I’m honoured to hold this space for you…created so that you may feel invigorated & inspired. It’s powerful, reconnective & enriching on all levels be it energetically, physical, emotional + spiritual.

Based upon many years researching & working with sexual health plus practical experience – listening to men struggling with everything from sexual dysfunction (erectile problems & premature ejaculation) to PTSD and relationship issues, I have created a sanctuary in which you may completely surrender; knowing you’re safe – in the hands of a competent professional guide & sexual/spiritual muse.

When find it difficult to speak to anyone or to share with a partner or friends you may become jaded. Often deep seated self-protective behaviours occur after major life transitions or traumas. We begin to wear ‘Armour’, to protect / shield against any more difficulty, but this means we can also deflect love; our hearts become closed.

Where pleasure is concerned, we may not be so readily able to embrace the practice of intimacy!

Many men become detached; desensitized and lost when over-worked or pushed to their emotional/spiritual limits. Certain careers demand this of you, but what happens when you’re with loved ones who demand your attention?

How do you re-establish intimacy with a lover/partner/wife?

How can you reconnect with your own inner needs and once again have them met?

Rediscover your capacity to connect & feel. Open up to love; respond to touch; react to authentic desire!

Take off the armour. Put down your weapons. Strip of that cumbersome suit. Be free to evolve and shine.

Integrative, nurturing + bodywork ;

Tantra Masculine Warrior Revival : A Micro Retreat

2.5 hours $444

~Ongoing Warrior Ritual Replenishment sessions: 6 pack $2,400 (from $2664)~


< pricing is based upon sacred geometrical & vibrational realignment >

Earthy & profound nurturing of the masculine warrior.
Integrate with & greet the feminine.
Tantric bodywork
Heart & Soul nurturing thru meditation
Ayurveda consultation
Journey ritual ‘reclaiming the masculine warrior’
Collaborating with the divine yin-yang thru sensory therapy
Chakra balancing & healing

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The dance between subtle energy, conscious awareness and unconscious searching is met here – honouring the body & all it’s wisdom; intimately and with integrity for the individual on their path toward finding more meaning. I provide an opportunity to revisit, realign and recharge so that you may cultivate a deeper passion for life, ready to once again embark on your personal life Quest.
Surrendering without being submissive …. sensual without doing anything other than remaining fully present to the human existence; the naked body & soul.

The smouldering.
The calling.
The ache.
The need to be held.
The time to step up and become ‘A Conscious Man’
The desire to be free!

“Trust your journey – come home to bliss & open up more fully to the loving you deserve”

~ Post Divorce / separation; Pre-dating & Mating; Balancing illness in partnership; Managing grief; Integrating fear & anxiety; Relating with women; Loneliness; Need for conscious connection & touch~