Tantric Bodywork



One of the 3 main aims of Tantra…ask yourself, ‘What is it that really gives me pleasure in every day life?’

A tantric bodywork session is healing & restorative - & pleasure is an important key!

Evoking the release of precious oxytocin, gentle & mindful touch techniques nourish your nervous system & replenish your natural state of being. This powerful & ancient ritual may purify your energy system by reconnecting back to your heart and into the body. reclaiming confidence & pleasure in relationships is an example of the many benefits......


Men & Women

- a traditional tantric ritual -

This is not a massage like any other bodywork is a somatic based EXERIENCe that evokes (genital consciousness through healing & awakening to love

“The most authentic, deep & experiential body work connection that I’ve ever been called into offering...."

~ Healing, Therapeutic & Restorative


A tantric massage is a lingam and yoni honouring ritual massage

“Bodywork incorporates genital awareness & consensual healing touch so powerful that everything from unconscious trauma to one’s deep seated desires can be accessed - allowing freedom & bliss ! (see testimonials)

90 mins $350 / 2 hrs  $400 / 2.5 hrs $500




“We are still so pleased we made this part of our ‘must do’ experiences when visiting Sydney. To spend our honeymoon time learning how to really be with each other & yes we finally got to learn more about Tantra..it was such a gift to ourselves...” Rosalie & Hamish (UK)


(A couple represents 2 people : e.g. non discrimination = lgtb / friends / lovers)

2 hrs  =  $600     / 4 hrs = $850




Learn how to give your beloved a Tantric massage

*Note: this is NOT a Couples Massage

You are here to learn, then facilitate upon your partner

couples @ 3 hrs minimum = $700

You will be guided gently into the arena of traditional yoni & lingam honouring; heart rendering yet nurturing for the dedicated sensual artist. I will be teaching you how to touch your beloved in a way that endures long after you leave..

**Thankyou so much for planning your journey with me. Given the privacy & depth of your experience. I have recognised the value of securing + clearing my space so that I may welcome you into a safe, honouring environment, and thank you for placing a holding fee : PayPal link here for your convenience.



Our body is the most powerful instrument of the soul. It houses our sentiment for generations of human development, suffering & sensory bliss. When we sense into our environment; when our skin dances at the touch of another, we know bliss - we become aware of what it means to be alive!’
— Taryn

SESSIONS : what to expect.....?

Gift yourself the space:

Experience a Sacred Essence Reclaiming Day-Spa

Click ‘here’ to see our inspiring introduction to Tantric Bodytemple Work as Healing

Tantra : Somatic experiential touch & energy activation

*surrender * pleasure * sexual healing * leisure * love * nurturing * sublime

What are the benefits of experiencing tantric ‘somatic’ bodywork? 

How is it different to having a regular massage? 

Why is it healing? Can it just be orgasmic?

When would you recommend a Tantric bodywork session? 

Who can give tantric bodywork Touch Therapy ?  How come sessions are so long? 

Key to the Tantric ritual experience is to honour the genitals *Yoni (Vagina) & Lingam (Penis)  By incorporating mindful touch in a way that exposes depths of vulnerability, the aim is to reinforce your own capacity for growth, expansion and empowerment. The more we can evoke your deepest awakening & acceptance of sacred sexual energies, the closer you become aligned with ecstatic states of being – hence the kundalini aspect of energy, spirituality, emotional growth & awakening to one’s higher self: consciousness.  

Tantric bodywork can be an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience.  As a woman who has journeyed deeply into her own sexual & sacred healing & sought valuable professional teachings along the way, I feel privileged to be of service within such a profound practice that asks me to unite the Divine Masculine & Feminine within each individual. To witness an awakening of pleasure & joy triggered by the immense healing that unfolds is indeed a powerful gateway for Divine Unity, polarising humanity through conscious relationships – intimate and communal.

Some core reasons people are drawn to this Tantric path of access include;

~Feeling stuck in a rut within a dysfunctional relationship.

~Lack of intimacy & desire.

~Lack of purpose & vision in life.

~Longing for sexual and/or spiritual soul expansion in a relationship.

~A lack of vitality that has created a barrier to intimacy.

~Lonely & craving a soothing connection.

~Feelings of vulnerability blocking capacity to connect.

~Self-esteem has been eroded (emotionally and physically – body image can be a huge barrier to overcome for many, also toxic / narcissistic relationship abuse).

~Unable to experience orgasm during ‘normal’ sex (& have heard about these body orgasms!)

~Your body & soul desires an experience that equates to a more deepening into the heart.

~You are looking to dive deeper into feelings of bliss (blocked, disillusioned or simply ready to explore your sexual peaks).

~Suffering from sexual dysfunction or illness (prostate cancer medication / Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation, breast cancer, menopause.)

~Recovering from sexual trauma (prostate, testicular health recovery – breast mastectomy/ augmentation surgery, c-section, miscarriage, ovarian / cervical removal)

What do I know about Men’s & Women’s Health? Read: healthcare background & experience

What other concerns may deeply affect your quality of life? : Mind & Body Wisdom Mapping

Or, maybe you simply wish to surrender and enjoy this form of body work as an escape from stress & doorway to ecstasy!  No matter what you’re feeling, now that you’ve landed here, I’m sure that you’re keen to learn even more about how this sublime, transcendental session can enhance your whole life.

Combining my own ‘mindful Qi touch technique’ it is my honour to take you on a somatic sensory journey by first introducing a transcendental state of calmness & comfort.  We slowly settle into the practice of peaceful surrender via meditation & breath; body relaxation begins with the easing of energy gently up through your spine.

Beginning from the base (root chakra), slowly the energy is encouraged to flow through up into your heart space.  Be patient and kind to yourself, as this is a sublime journey at the best of times, so do trust that I will guide you every step of the way!   Once your lower three chakras (1st Base, 2nd Sacral & 3rd Solar Plexus) have been engaged, surrender and trust becomes natural…and this is what can then take you on one of life’s most inspiring & ecstatic journeys encompassing the body-mind-spirit connection.

It’s exhilarating, a natural high as oxytocin is released.

For me, it is imperative that the Base & Sacral Chakras are given attention so that you may feel inspired to delve into the richness of your 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) which corresponds with feelings around self-esteem, identity & success. This, you may not realise, is in fact where the most significant ‘seat of kundalini energy’ sits, as it correlates to the whole person. Once subtle energy is flowing free within polarity of the masculine and feminine balance, my focus is to support you in experiencing a vibrational bodily felt sense of pleasure – a transpersonal plane of nurturing & deep loving which may correspond with unspeakable feelings similar to happy, sexy, confident, light, blissful or simply non-stressed – free!

Transcendence has been described by many of my clients as exhilarating, as they begin to notice the simmering and tingling beneath their skin. There’s an aura of peace and clarity, then once the energies are ignited, you may consciously bear witness to your own deep unfolding as the kundalini awakens – this is your gift and the ultimate in alignment, healing and expansion into blissful, body orgasm!

Ladies Yoni Healing Session,

Find out more about what a healing yoni massage experience may offer you. Here’s a lovely little testimonial by Melissa (June 2017)

It’s been a common thread in conversations and events I’ve held, to hear many women say they’ve never experienced an orgasm. Our gorgeous, flowing feminine body is a majestic gateway; one that ‘births’ and creates, one that embodies love and sexuality in all its grace.

When fully connected to one’s heart centre, the creation is a portal to an awakening of sensual pleasure so profound that it is important we are honoured accordingly. Our womb is at the core of existence; it’s our power to birth and create. Orgasm, Sexual Energy and pleasure is your key to Feminine Wisdom.

Open it; embrace it, immerse yourself deeply in to the very essence that gives love and life to our World!

And of course, at the other end of this scale is the traumatic experience one may have endured. Be it a toxic sexual encounter with a partner, or a more ’normalised’ yet derailing situation such as a pelvic exam, c-section, forceps / stressful birthing, termination or miscarriage – grief, stress, anxiety & rage may remain hidden within the body.  It’s an incredibly empowering notion to acknowledge that such events can create havoc within our sex lives – and yet you can be set free & will see improvement in your relationships once this has been revealed and released with love!

Also have a look at my Women’s Mentoring & Reclaiming of Sexual Health program.

Men’s Lingam Honouring Session

Have you been struggling with erection and ejaculation issues or embarrassment around intimacy? This session is ideal for strengthening and empowering you once again. There are also many unspoken fears and personal dilemmas facing you during your lifetime, so it is here that we honour your pathway ahead – whatever has happened, and however you choose to move forward with regaining vitality in a way that serves you and all future healthy relationships.

What else can I share with you…?

Heres some more reasons why Tantric Bodywork is gaining popularity.

Therapeutic & Healing

These bodywork sessions can seem very intense & yet sensual; stimulating arousal in a way that is holistic and very unique in that this traditional practice allows for the presence of any discomfort to be gently honoured and released. Breath awareness helps build connection and enhances your experience as energy centres in your body are heightened. With your permission I will engage you more deeply with breath & intuitively follow your body’s response to energetic touch. Your body may awaken to deeper sensations and I will hold this space energetically, following your cues and focussing on your response.

As a trained counsellor I am mindful that if you have experienced any sexual trauma or have fear of intimacy and this is your first therapeutic bodywork experience, I would prefer to work with you in an energetic healing session. I will ask to meet and discuss how comfortable you feel with being touched so that we may confirm boundaries.

Heart & Soul Nurturing

Be held in a way that allows you to relax, rejuvenate and feel loved as your spiritual wellbeing becomes the focus of gentle touch & hugging. Please do note that a one hour session tends to be more sensual in style given that tantric breathwork, yab-yum positioning takes a bit more commitment on your part.

Orgasmic / Sensual fulfilment

During these final moments in session, I will ask how you feel and whether you may like to hold the energy for a little longer as this is the aim so that you may experience tantric body orgasm.

Intuitive and therapeutically trained, this session offers you a rare opportunity to relax, unwind – alleviate stress and pamper yourself, allowing me to deliver an experience which will not only enable men to sustain better, longer lasting erections but for both men & women can lead to being more self aware & secure in your own body (Sacral/base chakra healing).

Being more content & stress free (a healthy balance between mind & body) equates to having a healthier outlook on life. Having a great relationship with your self first means that you will be more capable of attracting more intimate, healthier relationships.

Please, do spoil yourself with the optimum in sensuality and divine self love….

*Longer sessions incorporate attention to breathing, focussing, meditation and heart massage. Also included is therapeutic discussion as there may be significant energy shifts.

Requests for additional time will be considered depending on your experience, and we can cost this accordingly. Alternatively you may wish to take up the coaching option which allows for the deepening of ritual and practice to unfold. 





(men; may include ejaculatory control techniques)

(women; may be clothed & include yoni healing)

*NOTE, additional time incorporated is minimum 30 minutes at $100