Do you know your Relationship Karma? It’s in the Nodes....!

Happy New Moon in Gemini (...& what this really means)


Okay, well I certainly learned something significantly valuable yesterday.

That Gemini New Moon?

Well, It was conjunct my NN = highlighted my SN which is on my Sagg Moon....

So what, right?

Right. It’s big, and so you may like to check out whether you have key planets on any of your karmic nodes... because what happened for me is this:

My inner compass felt magnetised, which made my head spin (literally, purging & light headed).

To regulate , I sat...(after an attempt at yoga after a run).

I said NO to clients (again! Good thing The Universe has my back & rent gets paid)...

I tinkered on laptop - honouring everything I couldn’t analyse (pms is rare for me, yet renders me ‘brainless’ (often a relief in itself!)

Then I found links that triggered curiosity; inspiring investigations . Videos appeared, wizardry & Astro hacks pitching their place in the world of knowledge re North Node & Karma.

The philosophical idealist in me got hammered once again with more esoteric uncovering of Truths.

In seeking to understand more of my spiritual mother wounding, now that I’m finally on the other side of grief post physical miscarriages,

it’s been imperative to work with others : to continue bridging this gap between inner and outer relationship.

To honour the dark & light/ Mother:Father / Sacred Union in us all.

(btw this all occurred directly on top of healing my relationship with mother in this life. Interestingly she was with me because it was xmas morning. How powerful is that! *)

So, why would there be anything more for me to do? Can’t I just live and teach Tantric life in peace?

Anyway, after a momentary attempt at poking my saboteur, more understanding was met with knowledge;

Sagg MOON conjunct SN

With added Sagg Sun to increase my focus (that’s where my WTF impatience always comes in!)

“Done Mother Wound, lived this Shadow suffering in many lifetimes & knowing (Sagg) outcomes which is why it’s often so intense & hard to eradicate from the mental mind.”

Explains ‘pain’, with menstrual cramps for 24 hrs keeping me centred at my sacral portal for uploads & massive cleansing of all this *OLD karma.

Am I done yet?

Who knows?

But at least with these shifting energies moving OFF pivotal placements in my own Astro map, one aspect is finally becoming clear.......

I’m writing again!

- I’m on the other side.

We all are 🏻

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Taryn x0x0