My Yoni Healing Experience with Taryn

Why on Earth would I have another woman touch me ‘there’?

Because we allow others to do it all the time!

Unconsciously, that is.

As a Tantra Teacher & Sexuality healing practitioner, it’s a question that I  have been asking all my life.  Intimacy is a personal thing, and yet as a woman I’m quite aware that often the most intimate moments - when I’m most vulnerable - have often been experienced with strangers....not only as I had hoped, when feeling sexy and privately exploring with my beloved.

We women often endure genital examinations.

Then there’s the groping of inexperience followed by the inevitable getting of our period; putting tampons in, having a regular pap smear (that cold speculum), going for that breast check-up and of course - pregnancy, and birth (either natural or the other big C that most women dread having to opt in for).

Every woman has at least one story of feeling disempowered down there, only to have it normalised by her mother or society at large. We did this! Now it’s up to us to take back our power.

The tantric practice of yoni massage is very healing and a rite of passage in honouring this very powerful portal of the Divine Feminine body. In our recent past the Tantric rhetoric has been blemished during some harsh westernised forms of Tantric bodywork and massage, however I’m pleased to say that we are seeing a resurgence in women questioning these modern day examinations.

Many of us have spent years encouraging women to speak up about their sexuality and women’s health; to own the fact that having a vagina is Mother Nature’s given gift, and finally exercising their voice in saying NO to being prodded and poked without due diligence, and most importantly of all - without warning or permission to do so. FYI I have navigated the fertility clinics in the last few years post miscarriage and was shocked when a young woman went to prod me with a transvaginal ultrasound stick I wasn’t expecting. Given I know a lot about women’s health and my body, I had been working through a lot of personal womb clearing and layers of grief, so I stopped her and asked more questions before reluctantly settling back into the chair. We had only just met, said hello and then it was all over within 10 minutes - but such memories can be stored in our bodies & minds, lasting in some cases for so many women - a lifetime!

We are asking for ritual to be reinstated, and honouring our yoni for the Priestess passage that she is. We need to have awareness and promote genital consciousness to everyone in our community; not just women.

Women are taking back their power and reclaiming their sexual bodies. Our womb, cervix, clitoris and yoni (sanskrit for vagina) is not just as an encasement for popping out babies, but also for a place of worship and orgasmic bliss...and may we always hold reverence for her unique strength and incredibly powerful life giving force.

So it's with great pleasure and humble heartfelt gratitude that at last one brave client speak up about her experience with me. Melissa has recently trained with me to receive a Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Intimacy as Healing.

I do hope her story (and ours) resonates with as much love and healing power for you too!



(*More women’s stories are being published in my next book  'Trauma & The Tantric Priestess').



Testimonial – Yoni Massage…

Wow.  Wow wow wow WOW!

I have received two yoni massages now from Taryn.  OMG.

Where do I start?  I could fill the page with wow and it wouldn’t be enough.  I will just gush randomly…

The first one:  I felt safe with Taryn.  I felt honoured and respected.  I was asked permission at every step of the way.

“Is it ok if I move from here to here now?”

I could say no at any point.  I felt incredibly curious at how non-sexual it felt.

It was an outside to inside experience.  And there was a point where I wanted Taryn to just keep on moving in… and just as I recognised that I didn’t want to connect with that point, Taryn said “we are just going to hold it here – that might be enough for today”…

How did she know?

We stayed there, she and I and my yoni, witnessing whatever I hadn’t wanted to acknowledge – I still don’t know what it was consciously.  Whatever it was, it just wanted some presence.  Which it got.  I felt a deep sense of relief, humility and awe.

I felt grief that this is not how I was first introduced to my sexual organs.  I remember thinking every female (and male) human “ought to be” introduced to their incredible genitalia this way.  I felt grief for every human who has ever been exposed to non-sacred touch of this most sacred of spaces… for their first time, for any time.

I felt that I had been initiated into some sacred club… I guess I have been:  the club of humans who know what it’s like to meet their sexual organs in a sacred way, and to have them be heard.

The second one:  brought up the mentally acknowledged and clearly not physically released stories of how I lost my virginity and my experience with pre-cancer cells in my cervix in my 20s.  The stories came out, my genitalia were witnessed and heard again.  IMPORTANT STUFF OMG!!!

I am still blown away at how strongly I feel that every woman “should” have at least one of these treatments in her life… and I would recommend to keep it up until the yoni feels alive, vibrant and juicy all over, with every part of her speaking to her owner.  Perhaps this is just me!  I know I definitely want this.

Thank you so much Taryn, you have gifted me twice now, with something so sacred.

And I know I want to know how to deliver yoni massage aswell, so I can do my bit to keep this gift alive!


Melissa Colman
Northern NSW