Intimacy & Astrology Workshop Sun March 18

Did you know that everyone has their own unique blue print (astrology map) when they enter into their life here on Earth?

Are you aware that no matter what a person may choose to focus on, if it isn't aligning with their unique map; the sequences, the nuances and even the timings, then certain events are just not going to manifest.

But that's not to say that we cannot choose our path forward - either personally or within a romantic relationship.

However, we often feel inclined to seek solace from the stars when our intimate lives are not aligned. When our significant other has given us grief, we may blame it upon his ‘Aries arrogance’ or ‘Gemini split personality’ (from the generic Wisdom of many who’ve experienced these as partners - not me!).

And yet, it’s not as simple as all that. 

When we are seeking love, we may be energetically drawn to one another for so many reasons - and yet, if it seems that the relationship is always on again / off again - or for most of us singles, it’s always an elusive dream, then it’s worth checking out charts for harsh aspects.

Maybe your sun is on their (karmic) north node? Omg that’s a big sign of magnetic (energetic / spiritual karmic) attraction - not always the ‘happy ever after’ kind. It may be that you are meant to teach them something in this life.

And then there’s your Venus & Mars to check out. Not only does it pay to know where it sits in your own chart (ahem, I have Venus (ruler of Taurus/Libra = Empress/Lover / feminine energy) in Scorpio so I am  a ‘love deep, don’t ever leave me’ type :( )

What does that mean? Well, for any of my partners with scorpio aspects in his chart this can often be detrimental to our sanity - ask my ex moon conjunct uranus in Scorpio which was exactly opposite my Venus. Ouch! Scorpio IS the sex/death/inheritance house ruled by Pluto = the great transformer, which most certainly triggered my interest and uptake of Astrology.

So yes, where were we?

Oh yes. Then theres your Mars (ruler of Areas  = warrior / masculine energy)

Where is He sitting in your chart? And where does it show up in your partners? (As an example again, the above mentioned scary Venus Love Bomb bloke had an awesome Mars conjunct my Mars in Virgo  = we met over discussions around body image & health!)

Knowing where the main planets are placed in both charts will fare you well - and then it’s good to know what your chart is all about anyway. Because, maybe your mission isn’t to fall in love and stay home - happily ever after. Maybe your passion is travel and teaching - with a lover in every port!

In this one day event I would like to share my 20 years experience and significant workshop findings, to show you some of the most basic yet pivotal aspects that show up in our individual charts - and how we can navigate certain 'astrological weather' in order to understand our unique relationship style - and to prepare for any transits so that you may thrive during difficulties - and not just during your monthly moon transit time (for women).

As a tantric bodyworker & therapist, it's always astounding to see just how accurate astrology really is. (Even more so than tarot). I even went to a one day workshop in Arizona last year so I could learn more about how certain elements & processes unfold - discovering and understanding so much more about the parallels between karma, destiny & fate (free will).

For example, I had a young 27 year old male client who was wanting to learn tantra - hence we arranged coaching sessions. During his introduction not only could I sense psychically & energetically that there was more than meets the eye, I could also ascertain that he was an air element - and yes he was Aquarian. What were his tell-all signals and why does it even matter?

Because as a bodyworker practitioner, he was clearly wanting to talk more (needing guidance, to understand the meaning of life...), and struggled upon instruction to drop into the body: an aspect common to all of my aquarian clients.

Secondly when we were ready to wrap up, I named the other aspects which were alluding to his contract with me. Why was he drawn to study with me, and what was it about his incredible drive to learn and evolve so quickly? I sensed a young man who may have had to find his own way in life from an early age - a toddler maybe? Resisting a call to become a medicine man possibly? (We discussed his own psychic heritage).

Sure enough when we looked at his chart, he had been experiencing a Pluto transition; crossing his sun (in the 12th house and ascendant, a placement very common for those who have lost a father (parent/significant) when they were just little. And sure enough, his dad had died when he was 8!

The elemental factors within the chart also depict what road he is to travel, and why.

Our destiny is there for all of us to see!

Over the past couple of years as I teach this to my students (only a brief intro in 2 hours), they have asked me to run an indepth workshop - so now at last, here it is!

So, if you would like to understand whether you and your clients or friends experiencing a Saturn (clearing all the BS) smack down or very Uranian (rebellion) in your approach to life - or if you are persevering through a Plutonian shower - which is only a few of us, btw - as it takes 240+ years to orbit the globe. Pluto is the great transformer and some may only feel the vibe of his conjunction, never the true life changing effect) then this one day insightful event is for you!

Just bring a note pad, water and beginners level.
I will also be discussing how Tarot and Kabballah also have a unique signature within the astrological model.

As this is a passion of mine, I want to share these basics:

$55 includes reading your chart

Light lunch

Bookings essential!

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