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I am Taryn. A Tantric wise woman, energy healer & spirit guide who feels everything within your body. My sessions are about empowering, healing & restoring your sexual essence where required. I’m also here to teach you how to adapt tantra into your relationships for more health, vitality & self love.

Tantra ~ Intimacy Coach ~ Intuitive Energy Healer (past lives & karmic pattern release) ~ Relationship Counsellor ~ Astrology + Tarot

0419 910 509
— Taryn Harvey

about taryn

Taryn is a seasoned sacred sexuality facilitator and Tantra Teacher. Creator of The Polarity Key; a practice incorporating Energy based principles to source a clients access point for healing, awareness and growth, she adapts traditional Tantra, Yoga & Ritual-centred Bodywork, specialising in restorative health, fertility, sacred intimacy practices + relational (karmic) pattern detox, mentoring, light body alignment & boundary atunement.


Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism & Astrology are complementary. But that doesn’t mean you need to dive all in.

So, how do you know if you’re ready to take the first step into learning Tantra?  Or maybe you just need some healing….

Firstly, know that TANTRA has 3 main aims: 



Tantra & Conscious Relationships:

23-24 March 2019

Are you confused about what Tantra is? Don’t worry, a lot of people are. However, as we now embrace our sexuality as more sacred maybe you’re now ready to create a deeply fulfilling ‘conscious’ relationship.

Do you understand what sacred sexuality is, and what intimacy really means? Join us at our first weekend workshop to find out more…

▫️s e x u a l ~ h e a l i n g ▫️

Why do we struggle with men’s & women’s problems?   ▫️   ED ~ Premature Ejaculation ~ Womb, Breast & Cervix ~ Fertility.  

What are the key concepts within the psyche (our beliefs) manifesting within the body, creating symptoms? And how can somatic / energy bodywork assist in healing these?

Find out more under my Spiritual Energy Healing page - or Tantric Bodywork (ritual based touch techniques) today, and feel free to call for more info 0426 116 042.

Tantra is for everyone.

It’s that very moment when your body whispers for soothing; your heart aches for sacred union & your soul searches for purpose. Tantra is about listening to your body & knowing that you’ve begun this journey into The Divine - you’ve heard the call and finally found your way. Now it’s time to come home.
— love Taryn x

Tantra, Intimacy & Conscious Conception workshop:

2019 dates tba

Sydney / Brisbane / Adelaide

Taryn has appeared in Global media & written articles in the field of sacred sexuality, sex work & constantly explores Tantra & Conscious Sexuality in Relationships today. See more of her interviews by clicking on the MEDIA link.

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